People Strategy

Since its foundation, Luye Pharmaceutical has cherished its employees as the most valuable assets of the company and the driving force for sustainable development of the enterprise.

Based on our mission to serve the health of mankind by providing specialized technology, we have insisted in the philosophy of development driven by talents and technology. People strategy is one of the key strategies in our Company. The Company carries out active human resources policies to attract, develop and retain talents. We are concerned about employees’ physical and mental well-being and living conditions. We promote healthy living and happy working, and strive for making our company one of the best companies to work for.

In Luye Pharma, employees have the sense of identity, the sense of belonging, the sense of achievement, and the sense of security!

Luye Pharma will build a platform for its employees to release their potentials and make their dreams come true!

The company has designed recruitment and selection processes which will bring fair and equitable opportunities to candidates and ensure the introduction of highly-qualified talents meeting the company’s values.

Resume Screening

resume analysis and screening are the first steps in the employee selection. The background of candidates should meet position requirements.

Personality and Competency Tests

we will understand the character, competence and job-matching degree of the candidate through relevant online evaluation systems, according to the requirements of different positions. 

Structured Interview

an interview panel formed by the second-level supervisors and human resource professionals interviews candidates to further assess their qualification and motivation.

Employment Decisions

 according to the integrated interview results and qualification tests, we will recruit the candidate from those who have passed above standard selection process and tool evaluation.





Orientation Training

We provide military training, outward development, and other intensive training on vocational skills, literacy, culture, rules and regulations, to help new comers graduated from universities to understand the corporate culture, integrate themselves into the team, and complete the transition from students to professionals. After the orientation training, they will be arranged rotation internship at various departments, during which counselors from these departments will guide their work to assist them become eligible for positions.

Individual Development Plan

Employees work out their annual individual development plans according to position requirements and career development. Supervisors have the responsibility to provide resources, support subordinates to implement their plans, follow up and assess results regularly. By doing so, employees’ personal capacities and competitiveness can be improved continuously.

Training and development programs

 Human Resource Department integrates internal and external resources to provide employees at different levels with internal training, open lectures, industry summit forums, long-term job training programs, in-service or full-time academic education so as to develop their skills. We also offer management training for management personnel and talent team, to support their sustainable development.

On the Job Training

The company employs a large number of experienced internal lecturers to carry out training, guide other employees, and share their work experience. This kind of interactive learning will improve employees’ job skills. We send related employees to participate in open lectures or invite other lecturers to bring in-house training, so as to introduce advanced skills and technology.

Job Rotation

 work experience is the important for personal growth and success. To meet organizational development needs and cultivate inter-disciplinary talents, we provide more work opportunities, increase the diversity of workforce and challenges for work, and establish a rotation system, to encourage employees at different positions to enhance their capabilities.

Management Training

The company engages renowned lecturers from well-known training companies to provide management and leadership training for leaders on a regular basis, and lays emphasis on the improvement of performance management capabilities.

Succession Management

Luye Pharma Group establishes standardized and scientific processes, uses tools to select high-potential employees, and analyzes talent tank annually. 

Succession Planning

the company attaches great importance to training and exploring internal reserve talents. We identify high-potential employees through our talents selection program, build up talent team, and provide targeted training and development opportunities. Employees can grow rapidly after receiving challenging work or tasks with the help of supervisor guidance and instructor system program.

Mentor Program

Senior management personnel and experienced professionals as instructors will improve the overall quality of employees with targeted guidance combined with to instructors’ expertise and trainees’ positions.

Career Planning

Career development is our long-term commitment to all employees. The company will establish a career development path gradually for researchers, developers and other personnel from main function departments, and formulate supporting policies on human resources to support and motivate staff to plan career development according to their wishes, interests and strengths.


We believe that a comprehensive remuneration system will attract, motivate and retain talents, which includes five major elements: salary, benefits, work and life balance, performance and recognition, and career development. To combine short and long term income, maintain the interests of employees, ensure long-term sustainable development for the company and employees, the company has formulated an all-round remuneration policy, that is, a package of cash and non-cash compensation including: monthly base salary, annual performance bonuses, national statutory social welfare, company independent welfare, relevant allowances, seniority wage, vacation system, which will meet various demands of our staff effectively. 

External Competitiveness

Luye Pharma is one of the first-batch Chinese pharmaceutical companies participating in compensation and benefit survey organized by the world's leading remuneration research company. We can have an overall understanding on the targeted market situation and development trend in domestic pharmaceutical industry. Every year our company develops the overall compensation and benefit program based on business strategies., to ensure our competitiveness in the markets. 

Internal Equity

through a fair, standardized performance evaluation system and process, the company determines pay position of employee in strict accordance with the performance results and job values, to ensure internal equity.  


To ensure success in a competitive environment and to achieve development goals, Luye Pharma Group determines to enhance its innovation with a variety of strategies to achieve future business objectives. People development strategy serves as one of the foundations to support our future growth. Luye Pharma Group is realizing cultural transformation progressively, to attract, develop and retain talents, unleash their potential, inspire their enthusiasm and creativity, and create an ideal environment to promote individual development and their pursuit of excellence. 

Performance management process is an important factor which determines whether employees feel “satisfactory and fair”. All of our employees should work hard to effectively implement the system, understanding the system and individual role, and then using the management system, relevant knowledge and skills to our work.

Luye Pharma Group expects each employee to assist and support the company improvement which will benefit both employees and the business.

Performance Plan

After the annual business priorities and work plan are prepared by Luye Pharma Group according to the company strategy, business leaders together with the personnel from Human Resources Department will break down all strategy objectives and then set performance goals for departments and positions, to ensure that all employees will achieve strategy-oriented system. Employees and their direct supervisors jointly develop quantitative and qualitative performance plans. They will have consensus on assessment indicators, standards, assessment methods, to make it clear for employees that they have learn their annual objectives, standards and expectations. While developing performance objectives, employees also discuss their annual individual development plans with their supervisors.

Performance Implementation

Direct supervisors have regular interviews with subordinates during the performance period, to understand their work progress, assist them when necessary, correct their performance promptly in case of deviation from objectives and give guidance; collect employees’ performance data and behavioral events; adjust performance plans if necessary.

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate the work of employees based on quantitative and qualitative indicators and criteria set at the performance plan stage.

Coaching and  Feedback

Direct supervisors and their subordinates jointly review their performance during the period of performance, jointly formulate performance improvement plans and review individual development plans to help improve their performance.